The Drew Mariani Show February 11th – Hour 1

  • Two weeks ago President Trump ended a government shutdown that lasted over a month. He reopened the government for three weeks so that federal workers would get paid amid both Democrats and Republicans’ failure to agree on a budget surrounding border security. Here we are now just a week away from another possible government shutdown and it seems as if both sides again are unwilling to budge on President Trump’s border wall, which, if left as is, will result in another shutdown. Ed Morrissey joins the show to give you the latest on President Trump’s proposed border wall and if you should expect to see another shutdown by weeks end.
  • Some good news is coming out of the state of Arizona as it is considering declaring pornography a public health hazard, which in turn could lead to laws against pornography in the state. So what would this mean for the future of porn in our society? Dawn Hawkins gives you the latest on this legislation in Arizona and she gives you a list of companies, many of which you might use on a daily basis, that contribute to the problem of ‘sexploitation’ in the United States.
  • Do you believe in hell? It seems like the elephant in the room a lot of times. Some don’t even believe it exists, which St. Faustina warns against.  Drew discusses the reality, but he gives hope and how you can make it to heaven even in today’s world that is filled with immorality and sin.