The Drew Mariani Show February 11th – Hour 2

  • Today’s world is filled with sin and immorality. Bills are being passed all over the country that allow for the murder of a child up to the day of birth. Access to pornography is almost anywhere. Championing the accumulation of money and allowing for divorce to be a common place in society are more sins being advanced. Our world is in desperate need of prayers. Please lift up for your world today by joining in for the Divine Mercy Chaplet. God can accomplish anything through this devotion.
  • Abortion is becoming an even larger problem in the United States. States have passed laws that allow for the murder of an unborn child up to the day of birth. How can this be anything other than spiritual warfare being waged by the Devil himself? These bills are popping up all over the country, but what can we do to stop them? Why do they all seem to be worse than the previous ones? Father Paul Desmarais joins the program to discuss this and how to bring about a culture of life.