The Drew Mariani Show February 11th – Hour 3

  • First it was New York, then Virginia, now Illinois. Have you heard the latest on the abortion law that Illinois is attempting to pass? Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has said that he wants to ‘make Illinois the most progressive state for women’s reproductive rights.’ Illinois is being called the ‘tourist abortion state,’ where many people come from all around the country to have abortions done as the laws don’t even require parent consent or notice. This means that many teenage girls travel to Illinois to have an abortion because they don’t need their parents’ permission or even need to notify their parents. This is disgusting and must be ended. Mary FioRito joins the show to update you on the laws being proposed around the country, and what we can do as pro-lifers.
  • Did you see the movie Gosnell? The movie is about the abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who is serving a lifetime sentence without the possibility of parole. So why are we talking about him if he is already behind bars? Well because if his case had been heard in New York today, he would have legally been allowed to commit these murders and would not be punished for it. The man is serving 3 life sentences for his murders, but now in certain states, it would be perfectly legal. How is this even possible? It’s disgusting and frankly at this point, just plain sad. Anne McElinnhey discusses the Gosnell case and explains what went into making the movie, the gravity of what Gosnell did, and she gives you some hope on the current status of society and abortion moving forward.