The Drew Mariani Show February 12th – Hour 1

  • It seems as if another government shutdown has been avoided. Reports are coming out that a deal has been reached and that the government will not shutdown. It is unclear right now how much, if any money, will be put towards the president’s border wall. It has been reported that President Trump is not happy with the deal. While lawmakers in Congress have reached a potential agreement, it means nothing if President Trump doesn’t sign the bill into law. Jazz Shaw gives you the latest on the budget bill report and gives you some insight on what to expect next.
  • Do you believe that police should have access to DNA databases? In many cases, it can help police track down and find criminals. However, many are now raising questions about invasion of privacy. DNA is something that can be left at a crime scene, but should the police be able to collect your DNA without your permission? Does having your DNA on file violate your right to privacy? How do we strike the balance between helping the police track down criminals, and making sure that we keep our privacy? Dr. Ann Cavoukian explains the pros and cons of police having your DNA on file and explains whether or not it violates your right to privacy.