The Drew Mariani Show February 12th – Hour 2

  • God has given you gifts. Some of those gifts are unique to you, and some of them we all share, but when was the last time you thanked God for the blessings He has given you? Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet today and give thanks to God for what He has given you.
  • Is wearing blackface for any reason wrong? Many of you would probably say yes. Our society today values being politically correct and showing respect towards others, and I think that many of us can agree on the importance of this. But we are seeing something that is very interesting in today’s world. The governor of Virginia is refusing to step down after photos surfaced of him in blackface, which many have found offensive. Many well known show hosts and actors like Joy Behar and Jimmy Kimmel who are are liberals have done the same thing, and yet no one is calling them out for the offensive behavior. So should they be held accountable, or is this not as big of a deal as we are making it? Dr. Anne Hendershott gives you her perspective on whether we should hold those who do dress in blackface accountable.