The Drew Mariani Show February 12th – Hour 3

  • Are you or a loved one having a difficult time conceiving a child? You are not alone in this. Men’s sperm counts are falling; in fact, reports show that they have dropped by 60% over the past 40 years in western countries. Places like Africa or Asia have not seen this trend, so what could explain this problem? Is it attributed to low testosterone? Do plastics or other chemicals have something to do with it? Dr. John Littell gives you his insight and shares his research. You can find his website here.
  • Also, how should you spiritually respond to the suffering of not being able to have a child? It hurts, and so many couples wonder why God will not give them a child to love and care for. Drew encourages you to pray and ask for a miracle, and to never give up hope. He speaks to Linda Ruf, who prayed that her daughter would conceive. She prayed a Rosary at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, and saw a miracle happen 9 months later! Hear her testimony and listen to many others this hour!