The Drew Mariani Show February 13th – Hour 1

  • Are you aware of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal bill? Some are for it, including 4 Democratic presidential candidates in the 2020 race. Many, however, are against it and think it is insane. In 10 years, she wants to get rid of 99% of cars, all air travel, and update EVERY building in the United States to be more environmentally friendly. All of this done by 2030. How INSANE is that? In order to update every building in the US by 2030, they would need to update 2,000 to 3,000 buildings EVERY day, as pointed out by Howard Schultz. And how is all of this getting paid for? What are the alternatives to cars and planes? Kim Strassel updates you on AOC’s Green New Deal and explains just how insane it is, but also tells you why AOC might be conservative’s secret weapon in the 2020 election.
  • Abortion is a major issue in the United States right now and states have been passing laws to allow for abortion up to the day of birth. It is always presented as the mother’s right to choose, but why do we never talk about the father’s right to the child? After all, it takes a man and woman to create a child in the womb, so why does the father not have a say in it? Why is it just the mother’s decision? Is it because it grows in her body? Well, a man in Alabama is taking his girlfriend to court over her decision to have an abortion. His lawyer, Brent Helms, joins the show to explain how this is possible and if we could see more men doing this in the future.