The Drew Mariani Show February 14th – Hour 1

  • Do you know what no fault divorce is? According to its definition from FindLaw, it states, “No-fault divorce refers to a type of divorce in which the spouse that’s filing for divorce doesn’t have to prove any fault on the part of the other spouse. The most common ground for a no-fault divorce is ‘irreconcilable differences’ or an ‘irreparable breakdown of the marriage.’ A spouse cannot object to another’s petition for no-fault divorce, as that objection itself can be viewed by the court as an irreconcilable difference.” So why are we talking about it? Well a man in Pennsylvania is currently suing against the law claiming that it is unconstitutional. His wife wants to divorce him but he still loves her. So is the law unconstitutional or not? Bai Mcfarlane works in this area and is saying that this man might have a case. She joins the show to give you the latest.
  • Obergefell v. Hodges is the Supreme Court case that legalized same sex marriage in 2015. Ever since then, there has been much debate whether or not government or the Supreme Court should be in the marriage business at all. Well now, the state of Tennessee is trying to pass a bill through legislation, that would de-recognize the ruling. How would that work? Is it even legal? Peter Breen joins the show to explain to you just how exactly this law would work and what the passing of the bill would mean.
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