The Drew Mariani Show February 19th – Hour 1

  • If the Church allowed priests to be married and have kids, could that mean that there would be a lot less sex abuse scandals in the church? Is celibacy the issue at the heart of the sex abuse problem? There are many out there who believe this, and they say that if the Church would allow priests to be married, there would be less sex abuse in the Church. However, there are many who reject that idea and point to the fact that there are many married men who still sexually abuse minors. The New York Times has come out with an article titled “Vatican’s Secret Rules for Catholic Priests Who Have Children.” It really calls out the Church and its supposed hypocrisy. So what is the answer? Father Paul Sullins is a married Catholic priest, and he joins the show to break down this issue.
  • What does the Catholic Church teach about socialism? This is good for all of us to know as certain members of Congress want to move the United States towards being a socialist country. Now, Bernie Sanders, who ran in the Democratic primary for president back in 2016, has now announced that he is running again in 2020. Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist and is very outspoken about wanting socialism for the United States. Is Sanders someone who could run against President Trump and have a legitimate shot at winning? Relevant Radio’s own Msgr. Swetland joins the show to give you the Church’s teaching on socialism and whether Catholics can vote for this platform. He also gives you his opinion on the Green New Deal and whether it is worth taking seriously.