The Patrick Madrid Show: February 13, 2019 – Hour 1

  • The family of a woman who died after being hit by a foul ball during a Dodger game is pushing for more fan safety at major league ballparks.
  • Caller: Peter loved the chapter in Patrick’s book “50 Life Lessons” that was about “Richard” and thanks him
  • Caller: Joanne is worried about her 13 year old son who says he doesn’t believe in Christ’s resurrection and doesn’t think the Bible is credible
  • Caller: Mark asks about the state of our world and what is foretold in revelation. Are we living in the end times?
  • Caller: Francisco is in the middle of a mental breakdown and he is looking for help in understanding the faith. He wasn’t raised with any religion.
  • Patrick explains creation and the existence of God. Efficient causality.
  • How can we make sense of the Bible claiming that certain figures lived for hundreds of years while now it’s rare to live even to one hundred?