The Patrick Madrid Show: February 13, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Ohio bill will ban abortions after baby’s heartbeat begins, Governor Mike DeWine will sign it
  • Caller: Talbot is conflicted about having a day job and being a father while there are others in need in society that he doesn’t have time to help
  • Talbot is slowly making his way to becoming Catholic, but going to mass with 4 children under 7 makes it difficult to pay attention and learn
  • Caller: Jan offers encouragement to caller Joanne. She recommends her son checks out Peter Kreeft’s website
  • Caller: Liano asks if history can repeat itself through reincarnation
  • Caller: Maria asks if the owners of Disney are satanic. She has heard rumors
  • Caller: Mike asks if there is a book on ancient Judaism
  • Caller: Annette shares her testimony of returning to the Church