Chaplet/Lottery Ticket Winners

  • Hour 2 of 3-14-19 – How is your Lent going so far? Good? Bad? Somewhere in between? However it is going, pause and take some time to pray. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet today for your journey through Lent as well as for other people’s spiritual lives as well.
  • Have you ever encountered a demon? Someone possessed by the devil? It can be a very scary experience for all involved, including the priests who are trained to perform exorcisms. Drew shares with you a story and asks for your prayers for a priest he knows who was involved in one this past weekend. Pray for the priest, but also for the individuals who are possessed.
  • Do you play the lottery? Many people don’t play until the winnings become so massive that it makes the news. Well the largest lottery ever was just this last fall, where a whopping 1.5 billion dollar prize was given out to one lucky South Carolina resident. However, it took the winner 132 days to claim their prize. How is that even possible? Would you wait 132 days to claim a  billion dollar prize? Drew discusses this story of how this individual came to win the lottery and his thoughts on them waiting so long to claim the money.