Chaplet / Reparations for slavery

  • Hour 2 of 3-20-19 –  Life can be difficult, but you are never alone in this world. You have a family that loves and cares about you here at Relevant Radio. So when life gets hard, pray. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet today for yourself and for those who might need a friend.
  • Should the United States make reparations for slavery? There are many people in the United States who feel that reparations need to be made to African Americans over the issue of slavery. So how would that work? No one who was affected by slavery in the United States is alive anymore, and the United States has made previous efforts to make reparations. So is this something that is still relevant in 2019? Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Bernie Sanders are some of the Democrats calling for this to some regard. Dr. Mark Schultz discusses the idea of reparations for slavery, and whether or not the United States has paid enough for the sins of slavery.