College Admissions Scandal

  • Hour 1 of 3-14-19 – One of the biggest names on the Democratic side of the aisle has now put his name in the ring for the next presidential race. Texas native Beto O’Rourke has officially announced his candidacy for president and it has come with some mixed reaction, mostly in the way he decided to announce it. Will O’Rourke be able to take down President Trump in 2020? Hear what President Trump had to say about O’Rourke announcing his candidacy, as well as who he thinks is the biggest threat to him in 2020. Ed Morrissey joins the show to give you the latest on the Democratic nominations and also discusses the college admissions scandal.
  • Did you hear about the major college admissions scandal? It is a massive scandal that spans all across the country with many prestigious universities involved. Students had records falsified and some students even went so far as to say they were a captain of a sport they never played. This raises many questions about the integrity of the college education system, but also calls into question the integrity of thousands of parents out there who went to extreme lengths to make sure their child got into a great school. So what will happen to these students, their parents, and the universities? Allison Ricciardi joins the show to give you the latest on the scandal and her insight on why kids feel so much pressure.