Father Simon Says for March 14, 2019

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about asking God for intentions and why He doesn’t always “answer” our prayers (He really does!), and the Book of Esther.

Email Question- Is Jesus a Jew?

Email Question- My granddaughter is getting married in September, and her pastor recommended the marriage ceremony without reception of the Eucharist. What should they do?

Email Question- Shouldn’t the Church emphasize the Divine Mercy message more strongly?

Email Question- Was suffering part of God’s original plan?

Email Question- Are lots prophesied in the Old Testament?

Email Question- What is a Confirmation certificate?

Caller Question- Why did the devil call Jesus “the Son of God” when he was tempting Christ?

Caller Question- What does IHS mean?

Word of the Day- Scroll.

Caller Question- What does the Church teach about extraterrestrial life?