Father Simon Says for March 15, 2019

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about how we cannot earn our way into Heaven, the Parable of the Fig Tree, and Jesus cursing the fig tree.

Email Question- Are you familiar with CS Lewis’s science fiction works?

Email Question- Who are Jesus’s “brothers who did not believe in Him”?

Email Comment- Jews who convert to Catholicism don’t switch the God they worship.

Email Comment- Is receiving the Eucharist on a Friday breaking the Lenten Abstinence?

Caller Question- What does “Venite Exultimus” mean?

Caller Questions- What should I do if my daughter with Celiac Disease is going to receive her First Holy Communion? Do you have any Bible recommendations for children?

Caller Question- Was Barabbas a revolutionary and nationalist?

Caller Question- When did we get the Fifteenth Station of the Cross- The Resurrection?

Caller Question- Was baptizing a Jewish custom? Where did St. John the Baptist get the idea to do that?

Word of the Day- Raca.

Teutonic Tirade- Racism is contrary to Catholic teaching.

Caller Question- Is the Act of Contrition still necessary for Confession?