Father Simon Says for March 20, 2019

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the different parties of Jews at the time of Christ, the Talmud, and what it means to sit at the right and left of Jesus in Glory.

Email Question- Why is the gold altar of incense in the Holy of Holies instead of the Holy PLace?

Email Question- Should my daughter apply for a scholarship from Masons?

Email Question- What should I do if my son wants to convert to Buddhism after seeing a Buddhist Temple in Taiwan?

Caller Question- As a widow, am I allowed to marry again?

Caller Question- How did the Apostles know that it was Moses and Elijah during the Transfiguration?

Caller Question- What is the difference between the Hebrews and the Jews?

Caller Question- How can I forgive someone who keeps hurting me?

Word of the Day- Zebedee.

Caller Question- Why is Easter not this Sunday this year?