Father Simon Says for March 22, 2019

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the story of Joseph and the Many-Colored Coat, and about Jesus’s Parable of the Vineyard.

Email Comment- I have a response to someone saying that they are not religious.

Email Question- Why did God make weeds?

Email Question- My Rosary has six beads at the beginning instead of five?

Email Question- Will dogs be in Heaven?

Email Question- How can I convince my husband to abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent?

Caller Question- What do you think of St. Boniface, who cut down a pagan tree?

Caller Question- How should I respond to my fiancee who said she doesn’t like looking at my Crucifix?

Caller Question- How many abortions do you think there have been in the past 40 years?

Word of the Day- Many Colors/Long.

Caller Question- Why does Jesus equate us with sheep?

Caller Question- Why is virginity so honored in the Church?