Father Simon Says for March 25, 2019

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the Hail Mary, the incredible and wonderful power women have of giving life, and Mary’s “Fiat” at the Annunciation,

Email Question- Can God change His mind?

(Encore Half Hour)

Email Question- Why did Jacob have more than one wife?

Email Question- Did ancient people look at the rainbow as a sign of peace?

Caller Question- How can we best hear God’s voice in prayer?

Caller Question- Why does the Psalm say that we are “the apple of God’s eye”?

Caller Comment- The Incompleteness Theorem proves that mathematics can’t be reduced to absolute truth.

Word of the Day- Judge.

Caller Question- Should I bury my husband in a free military cemetery even though it is not Catholic?

Caller Story- When I was taking Latin in high school, there was one time when we all translated the word “apple” as “bad” because they are similar.

Caller Question- How do we know when to accept God’s will and when to challenge it?