Fr. Robert Spitzer: Evidence for Truth is Abundant, Choice is Ours; Choose Life 3.27.19

March 27, 2019

Topics ‘Evidence for Truth is Abundant, Choice is Ours; Choose Life’

  • Fr. Robert Spitzer: Life, Faith, Politics, Culture, Law: The Essence of Things; the enemy puts out lies, the evidence for truth is abundant, choice is in front of us, choose life.
  • Caller, Joanne (from Maine): What tips do you guys have to generate more actions from Catholics?
  • Flood phone lines to Representative and State Legislatures; align a priest to make announcement(s) after mass; hand out brochures at mass – beg people to “read this” – vote your conscience.
  • and will help you identify your Representatives (by zip code). Identify your reps and reach out/make your voice known. We have evidence to know definitively that God exists; and we have evidence to know a mortal enemy out there.