Go Ask Your Father for March 14, 2019

Msgr. Swetland talks about the difference between mortal and venial sin.

Caller Question- Is my Baptism valid if the priest only gave me a brief catechesis?

Caller Question- If the Jews are God’s Chosen People, then who are we?

Caller Question- What is your stance on Zionism?

Email Question- How can I convince my friend that her sins are venial, and that she doesn’t need to go to Confession before receiving Communion?

Caller Question- Why did God choose the Israelites to be his Chosen People?

Caller Question- It is hard for me to pray ever since my daughter passed away. What should I do? I feel bitter towards God.

Catechetical Corner- Mortal and venial sin.

Caller Question- How did Adam and Eve sin, if they were in union with God?

Caller Comment- I think Jewish people are responsible for Communism,