Go Ask Your Father for March 15, 2019

Msgr. Swetland talks about St. Anthony of Padua and why he is the patron saint of lost items.

Caller Question- What is a Traditionalist Catholic?

Caller Question- What was the Baptism that the disciples were baptizing with before Jesus’s Death and Resurrection?

Caller Question- Can you tell me more about St. Augustine of Hippo?

Caller Story- I have a story about praying to St. Anthony to find my passport so that I could go on pilgrimage?

Msgr. Swetland talks about the Christchurch Massacre.

Caller Question- Why does the priest leave out some of the words at Mass?

Catechetical Corner- The Stations of the Cross.

Caller Question- Can I eat meat on a Friday during Lent if I am at a dinner party?

Caller Question- Are saints omniscient? How do they hear our prayers?