Go Ask Your Father for March 22, 2019

Caller Question- How do I convince my friend to come back to the faith?

Email Question- Should I prioritize adoration or Daily Mass?

Msgr. Swetland talks about the Church’s position on vaccines.

Caller Question- Can I receive graces for the good works that I do if I am in the state of mortal sin?

Caller Question- What should I do if I don’t feel forgiven after Confession?

Caller Question- If two of my friends both lost their spouses, can they get married?

Caller Comment- I don’t think vaccines should be mandatory.

Catechetical Corner- Our obligations as a result of our Divine Filiation.

Caller Comment- I think vaccines should be mandatory because they prevent diseases.

Caller Question- Is Confession the only way to be free of our mortal sins?