Go Ask Your Father for March 5, 2019

Guest Host: Fr. Marcel Taillon

Email Question- I am divorced and annulled, but my fiancee is against a marriage in the Church. What should I do?

Email Question- Is it against the Catholic faith to get a nose piercing?

Caller Question- What does the phrase “He descended into hell” mean in the Creed?

Caller Questions- What are some ways to defend the Catholic Church against Protestant attacks? Is it a sin to be a Protestant?

Caller Question- Doesn’t barring someone from the Eucharist because they got a divorce seem at odds with God’s mercy?

Caller Question- How can you defend the Catholic Church and be Catholic when the Catholic Church has done so much bad throughout history?

Caller Question- Is it a sin to consider committing suicide if I am depressed?

Email Question- Is my brother, who had Down Syndrome, in Heaven?

Caller Question- Why did the Vatican change the liturgy to say “many” instead of “all”?