Lesson 14: Liturgy of the Word – 1st Reading

Drew Mariani reads the First Reading at MassAfter the Greeting, Penitential Rite and Gloria are completed, the faithful may be seated and are invited to listen attentively to the Word of God.

As a teacher, I have found the most effective way to communicate a message is with audio and visual aids. For that reason, the faithful are encouraged to read the readings for themselves even before Mass. You can find the daily readings on the Relevant Radio® App, or many other places. You may also find it helpful to follow the readings in your missalette as the reader is proclaiming the Word of God.

On weekdays, we have three readings: the first, the Responsorial Psalm, and the Gospel. On Sundays and Holy Days we have four readings: typically one from the Old Testament, the Responsorial Psalm, one from the New Testament, and then the Gospel.

When we read the Sacred Scriptures we should ask the Holy Spirit for help to understand the meaning as it applies to us today, here, and now.

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