Lesson 5: The Crucifix

Crucifix in the Relevant Radio chapel

Every Catholic Church has a tabernacle, an altar, and a crucifix – which is a cross with the figure of Christ crucified. The crucifix is in the sanctuary near the altar and should be clearly visible. It reminds us how much Jesus loved us and is an invitation to love Jesus in return.

Our religion is about a person – Jesus Christ – who is true God and true Man. Jesus loves us and invites us to love Him in return, and that love is expressed in prayer and worship, and at the same time through service to our neighbor. The first commandment is to love God above all things, and the second is like it: to love your neighbor as yourself. That’s where the cross of Christ comes in.

Someone once told St. Teresa of Calcutta: “I would not touch a leper for a million dollars!” To which Mother Teresa replied: “And I would not touch a leper for TWO million dollars! But I will touch a leper for the love of Christ.” By gazing upon the crucifix, our love for Christ goes deeper.

(This is a photo of the crucifix found in the Chapel of the Nativity at the national headquarters of Relevant Radio® in Green Bay, Wisconsin.)

Father Rocky Signature

Lent is a great time to return to the Sacrament of Confession. If you haven’t been in a while, here are 3 Tips To Help Conquer Your Fear Of Confession from Fr. Matthew Spencer.


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