St. Joseph within the Plan of Salvation 3.19.19

March 19, 2019

  • Church in crisis needs the Protector of its Redeemer to watch over her hence, devotion to St. Joseph.
  • Silence makes us more available and obedient to God. Early in his Papacy, Pope Francis shared that his intentions are entrusted to St. Joseph — especially as he places each one on a slip of paper placed under a special statue of Sleeping Saint Joseph.
  • St. Joseph and Mary give us authentic example of chastity: a model and witness of purity that most perfectly orders our chastity no matter our station in life (married, single or religious).
  • For every vice we encounter in life, we can find the opposite virtue in the models of St. Joseph and Mary. If you are in need of God’s healing grace, turn to the Guardian Redeemer, St. Joseph; look at the virtues of St. Joseph and find freedom and liberation.