St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, March 5,2019

  •      Father want to discuss Pope Pius XII. There is a rumor going around that Pope Francis going to open the secret Vatican archives. Paul the fifth started them, the word secret in Latin does not mean secret. In Latin it means the personal or private Vatican archives.  Pope Francis said we should not be afraid of history. Yes, there are things that are difficult to read, but we need to recognize that.
    What advertisement do you see on your Instagram or Facebook. These
    social media companies have a lot more information on you then you know. They
    recognize the trends. More and more advertisement for young women have been
    popping up on social media. Father talks about advertisement for egg freezing,
    it is about encouraging young women to have many of their eggs frozen. So that
    they would still be able to have children.
    “What happens to your brain when you stop believing in God” is the
    name of the article father started upon. . The article talks about the reward system in your brain. Father
    tires in his perspective to this article.
    Father talks about shrove Tuesday opposed to mardi gra. Mardi gra
    translates to fat Tuesday. Father shares a story from this morning. A young man
    came to father and told him for lent he is going to only drive the speed limit.