The Drew Mariani Show March 4th – Hour 3

  • What would you expect in exchange for giving up your privacy? And what about your DNA? Is your DNA part of your own personal privacy? There is a bill in Arizona that would create a similar system to the social credit system that China has. If you don’t know about China’s social credit score go check it out. It is horrifying and it is the exact opposite of freedom. People in China cannot even get a train ticket because they have a bad social credit score. Now you might be thinking that this could never happen in America, but why not? It’s happening in China, so why can’t it happen in the United States? Dr. Ann Cavoukian joins the show to tell you about this Arizona bill that would create a social credit score and what freedom would look like under a law like this.
  • Is climate change real? Are humans ruining the planet? Do we need to make this Green New Deal that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proposed? NASA recently came out with a report that says human activity is making the Earth greener, but what does that mean? Just because the Earth is greener, does that mean that the planet is doing better? Does it mean anything for climate change? Mike Maguire joins the show to discuss climate change and what this new NASA reports means in regards to climate change.