The Inner Life for March 15, 2019

Guest Host: Patrick Conley

Msgr. Charles Pope- Sunday’s Gospel (Luke 9:28B-36)

Patrick and Msgr. Pope give us a preview of Sunday’s Gospel and talk about the Transfiguration. They also talk about times when God made Himself manifest in their lives.

Caller Story- I retired, but was soon diagnosed with an illness. I was home-bound for a while, but God used this to break into my life.

Caller Story- I broke my hip and was depressed in the hospital, and God sent me a Eucharistic Minister who brought me the Eucharist, and it brought joy back into my life.

Caller Story- I was waiting to find a spouse, and God brought a spouse into my life when I started trusting Him.

Caller Story- God has come to my aid and made Himself known to me in my suffering taking care of my mother with dementia.