Third Party / Will President Trump win 2020?

  • Hour 3 of 3-25-19 – Are you getting weary of a two party system? Do you find yourself going back and forth as to whether or not you are a Republican or Democrat? How would you feel about a third party option? As a Catholic,  you might say you are pro-life on abortion and also want the rights of immigrants to be respected. Amar Patel is the VP Chair of the American Solidarity Party, and he stops by to share how his party embraces Catholic social teaching, and you can learn more here!
  • Do you believe that President Trump could win the 2020 presidential landslide? NBC News reports that it could be an “uphill battle,” but would do you suggest? The president has been cleared and exonerated of charges of Russian collusion, so could this help him? What if VP Joe Biden jumps into the race? Andrew Malcolm tackles these concerns and gives you an outlook of where the presidential battle could be headed. You can check out his columns here.