Notre Dame fire

  • Hour 3 of 4-16-19
  • Could there have been prophecies that signaled the Notre Dame fire? Could God be trying to tell us that we have walked away from Him and need to repent? What about various Marian apparitions? Michael Brown identifies possible arguments that support this. He says that the vandalizing of churches by Muslims is certainly meant to wake us up, but we need to be discerning about calling this fire an actual predicted event.
  • Alyssa Milano has been protesting the Georgia abortion law that protects babies who have a heartbeat in the mother’s womb. She has encouraged women to share their abortion experience in a positive light, and “shout your abortion.” As an alternative, John and Cindy Morales have started “Shout My Story.” This gives a platform to parents who chose life and encourage others to do the same. Hear more about this and how you can get involved, and listen to the testimony of one post grad young woman who chose life in the face of adversity.