Chaplet/Connection Between the Passover and Jesus’ Passion

  • Hour 1 of 4-19-19
  • Listen in for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy this hour, and pray along with Drew as we reflect on the death of Christ. We pray this prayer and devotion one hour earlier today due to the live Stations of the Cross.
  • Roy Schoeman reflects on the correlations between the Jewish Passover and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. As a former Jewish believer, he made the journey to the Catholic faith after realizing that the Messiah had come and had fulfilled everything the Jewish tradition was prophesying. Just as Jews would put blood on their door to signal that they were celebrating Passover, Jesus took this one step further by shedding His own blood on the cross and becoming the sacrificial lamb. Schoeman explains that the Jewish religion was meant to lead to Catholicism, and he encourages you, if you are thinking about the Catholic faith, to take that leap of trust.