Go Ask Your Father April 16th – Are Relics Bad?

Are relics biblical? Are they superstitious and wrong? Some think so, but Msgr. disagrees and explains why they are fine and why they are important to Catholics.


Caller Question – Is it okay that his wife listens to ACDC?

Caller Question – How can she deal with superstition and OCD as a Catholic?

Caller Question – What does the Church teach about feedings tubes, and DNR’s for the elderly?

Caller Question – He finds himself unable to speak at times during Mass, is this an emotional or religious experience?

Caller Question – Is wondering if a certain Novia he found is approved by the Church.

Caller Question – What did Jesus mean when He told the woman not to weep for Him, but for their children?

Caller Question – Is it okay to go to Protestant bible study?

Catechetical Corner – Relics

Caller Question – Does Msgr. know of any relics lost in the Norte Dame Cathedral fire?

Caller Question – Why do churches remove holy water during Holy Week?