Peter Grandich conversion/Family of Divine Mercy intercessors

  • Hour 1 of 4-26-19
  • Have you heard Peter Grandich’s conversion story? He is known as the Former Wall Street Wiz Kid, and after a successful beginning of his career, he lost a lot of money, which drove him into a deep depression. He realized through a series of events that his focus was on material things, and he needed to shift his life over to Christ. Now, he loves sharing his ministry on the show, and he tells people that they cannot put their hope in treasure, only Jesus. His website is, and he has a new edition of his book which has been newly released!
  • Do you believe that God answers your prayer? Do you wonder why you need to ask Jesus for an intention? Fr. Mike Schmitz admits that we don’t pray to “change God,” but we pray because He asks us to, and it gives us an opportunity to participate in His divine work. You can watch his video explanation here. Fr. James Kubicki joins Drew to share his perspective on the power of intercessory prayer and why it matters.
  • Drew tells you about an exciting new effort he has felt called to begin, and he needs your help! We encourage you to join the Family of Divine Mercy Intercessors, where you commit to prayer and are added to our list of spiritual benefactors. You can sign up here!