The Biblical roots of the Mass / Eucharist

  • Hour 1 of 4-18-19
  • Do you believe that Jesus was speaking the truth about the Eucharist? On this Holy Thursday, we reflect on the Eucharist, the priesthood, and the origins of how Jesus instituted them. Dr. John Bergsma joins Drew to explain how when we go to Mass, we are renewing the covenant that God made with us, specifically the New Covenant of the ‘restored Israel.’ The Eucharist first began at the Last Supper, and was truly meant to be His body and blood given up for us, and this continues to today. This was not a sign or a nice symbol; we have a gift every day to receive Him and remember His sacrifice for us. Dr. Bergsma explains that this is a sacrifice of thanksgiving for His love and passion on the cross.
  • Jesus lamented to St. Faustina that when people go to receive Him in the Eucharist they treat Him as if He were a dead object. Do you believe it is truly Jesus? Dr. Ray Guarendi gave a wonderful talk at a conference about the true presence. You can hear his audio on the second half of the hour; share the audio with a friend or family member who might be skeptical about Jesus’ presence. It may appear to be bread, but He is truly there hidden out of love for us.