The future of social security

  • Hour 1 of 4-30-19
  • Violent events have transpired in Venezuela as Maduro has come to the conclusion that there is no way he can maintain power, and President Guaido has been struggling to hold on to his rightful presidency and free Venezuelans from the crippling roots of socialism. Ana Quintana explains that this is not a coup, even though some MSM outlets claim it is. She offers her perspective and maintains the dangers of a socialistic government.
  • Do you expect to have social security in your retirement? What about your kids or grandkids? As questions remain as to whether or not this will still be around, Brian Rudolph gives you his expertise as a Social Insurance administrator. Drew plays audio from CNBC in which they predict that social security may not actually go away, but it will change in the way it is administered or how it is set up.
  • As a Catholic, there is so much rich history in the Church. Fr. Nicholas Federspiel stops by to briefly discuss the sainted popes we have been blessed with.