The Inner Life April 16th – The Chrism Mass

Chrism Mass. What is a Chrism Mass? Why does the Church have them? Is it any different from a regular Mass? Father Daniel Schuster joins Chuck Neff to explain the significance of the Chrism Mass.


Caller Story – She brought her kids into the Church and they were anointed with the oils.

Caller Story – She feels a very strong connection with the Holy Spirit because of the Chrism oils.

Caller Story – She was anointed with oil before her cancer surgery, and she was healed.

Caller Story – His wife was anointed before her cancer surgery, and she is now 4 years cancer free!

Caller Story – She shares a comical story of how when she went a Chrism Mass, she didn’t realize that the oils were only for the priests. She got in line to get it, and what happened next was very funny.

Caller Story – He was anointed with oil before his surgery and he was healed.