The Patrick Madrid Show: April 11, 2019 – Hour 3

• Caller: Theresa is so glad Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI released this statement. She mentions that confession face to face is actually distracting for a priest
• Caller: Laura thinks Benedict XVI did a great job and Patrick did too
• Caller: Rosemary was on birth control in the 60’s and can relate to what Benedict said about the culture at the time
• Caller: Patricia is a newly confirmed Catholic and reminds listeners that there are still people wanting to convert and come into the Catholic Church today
• Caller: Ann asks for clarification on what Benedict XVI meant when he said pedophilia became appropriate or acceptable
• Caller: Patricia asks how we can maintain purity and allegiance to the Church when the Church is in a bad state right now with poor leadership and scandal
• Caller: Billy thinks Benedict’s statement is nothing to be happy about. He thinks Benedict is guilty of neglecting to do anything when he was in office
• Caller: Angela couldn’t believe the abuse victim mentioned by Benedict. It sounds like something out of a Hollywood horror movie