The Patrick Madrid Show: April 17, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Patrick cautions against trying to connect the dots between prophecies or Mary’s revelations with real life events. Stay close to Jesus and don’t give in to anxieties
  • Caller: Jamie has been a stay at home mom but now her youngest is in middle school and there is a job opportunity as a teacher that interests her. Advice?
  • Nancy on Twitter says her Catholic coworkers go to Sunday mass but aren’t going to Easter mass because it will be too crowded. What can she say to them?
  • Caller: Richard asks if people who don’t go to confession go to Hell
  • Caller: Emma asks if her husband’s mortal sin will affect her and the kids. He refuses to go to confession and is turning away from her the more she tries to talk to him
  • Caller: Mary asks about receiving holy communion in the hand vs on tongue
  • Caller: Don asks about the morality of self defense in the military