The Patrick Madrid Show: April 18, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Nearly 100 abortion workers seek help to leave jobs after seeing ‘Unplanned’
  • Patrick discusses when he read Mark Twain’s autobiography and what he learned about the futility of life
  • Caller: Gloria asks if women can participate in the traditional washing of the feet at Holy Thursday service
  • Man with gas cans arrested at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York
  • Caller: Brian’s daughter is graduating from Mt. St. Mary but the commencement speaker is outspokenly pro-abortion. What do they do?
  • Laura on Twitter asks if everyone’s feet are washed at mass
  • Caller: Cindy asks for resources for her son when he gets out of jail for drug addiction
  • Caller asks if Jesus had short or long hair. He also asks if the commandment to “keep holy the sabbath day” means going to mass