The Patrick Madrid Show: April 25, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Listener email: Anonymous just broke off a long term sexual relationship, but is afraid she won’t be strong enough to stay away from him. She asks for advice and prayer
  • Caller: Mary asks Patrick’s forgiveness for the tone she had with him a couple weeks ago during a discussion on abortion
  • Caller asks about Joseph of Arimathea
  • Caller: Steve has a priest friend who told him he is considering leaving the priesthood because he is feeling attacked in his vocation and he wonders if it’s liberal authority
  • Caller: Martha is Armenian and shares how she lost family members in the Armenian Genocide. She is upset the Turkish government doesn’t recognize it happened
  • Patrick gives a history lesson on the Armenian Genocide
  • Caller: Marilyn asks about Jesus and Mary after the Resurrection. Patrick recommends iPieta app
  • Caller: Dorothy asks for clarification on what an indulgence grants