Unplanned interview with Abby Johnson

  • Hour 1 0f 4-5-19
  • Abby Johnson joins Drew to discuss the movie Unplanned. She is a former abortion clinic director for Planned Parenthood, and because of a profound conversion, she left the abortion industry and now spends her life calling out the evils of this sin. The movie is based off of her story, and we encourage you to see it and invite a friend! She answers listeners’ questions, and speaks to a woman who attempted to have an abortion, and is now thanking God that it didn’t work.
  • Texas is now forbidding all chaplains from being in an execution chamber. As Time reports, Patrick Murphy was going to be executed, but it was stalled because a Buddhist clergy member was supposed to be in the room with him. What will happen now remains to be seen, but Jennifer Carr-Allmon is following the story; she brings Drew the latest.