Finance Friday/Happy Hour

  • Hour 3 of 5-3-19
  • A report has come out showing tremendous job numbers and record low unemployment under the Trump administration. So this means that the economy is great, right? While many news outlets show positive enthusiasm about the economy, Peter Grandich, the former Wall Street Whiz Kid, is not so optimistic. He is concerned about the rising debt numbers, and still believes we could be in for a massive wake up call. He shares some of his thoughts here, and his latest podcast episode is here.
  • Start off the weekend with Drew and the crew! It’s Happy Hour! Drew, Wendy, Patrick, and Jake talk about a new trend where teens are being encouraged to eat a food in the actual package, shell, or container! It sounds dangerous, but there’s chance that they are doing it for social media likes and attention. How far will they go? And far will you go? Would you eat an entire apple with the seed? It’s not recommended, as there is cyanide in the apple, but Patrick admits to doing that. What about blood sausage or a type of liver? The team talks about the grossest foods you have ever eaten.