A CLoser Look With Sheila Liaugminas Guests include Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Mary Kay Knorr, and Dr. Miriam Tierney.


Sheila and guest Bishop Thomas Paprocki talk about extreme abortion law. Removing all legal protection for doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies, even churches. They also discuss the conscience protection rights and no parental notification. They cover the questions; how can this violation of federal law stand?; what do Catholics do?


Guest  Mary Kay Knorr  discusses desperate times for ‘Big Abortion’. Extreme legal actions; astounding pro-life grassroots effort to stop abortion extremism shows lawmakers’ radical agenda & disregard for mainstream. Illinois bill calls abortion a ‘fundamental right’; even eliminates requirement to investigate deaths to mothers from botched abortions; worst legislation in the country; what next?


Sheila and Mary Kay Knorr are also joined by Dr. Miriam Tierney. She testified before the Illinois legislators today about the abortion legislation that makes this state the worst in the nation. Dr. Miriam Tierney talks about human life starting at conception.