Alive from New York

  • Religious persecution of Christians has reached an all time high. Kristina Arriaga highlights this news.
  • There has been a win for religious protection! The Trump administration is vowing to protect the conscience of health care workers. Unlike previous administrations who wanted Christians to violate their values, these healthcare workers will not be forced to go against their religious convictions. Fr. Tad Pacholoczyk gives you the specifics, and one caller phones in to say that we need to give President Trump more credit for what he is doing for us.
  • Have you heard about the Alive from New York City event? This is put on by Focus on the Family and on May 4th, there will be a 3D ultrasound put up on a big screen to show that life begins at conception. They are hoping it will change hearts and make people consider the evils of abortion. ABC and Clear Channel Outdoor gave them push back and wouldn’t allow Focus on the Family to use their screens, so now they are using their own. Let’s pray for their efforts and support their work to defend life!