Chaplet/Miracle of the Sun

  • Hour 2 of 5-2-19
  • Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and keep in mind the amount of love Jesus has for you. He gave Himself up on the cross out of love and so that you might be saved. Even if you were the only one living, He would still go through everything He did on the cross so that you might know His mercy. When we pray the Chaplet, we remember His passion on the cross and ask Him to pour out His unending mercy. Now is the time to receive this gift!
  • Do you remember hearing the story of the Fatima children witnessing the miracle of the sun? Imagine how awe inspiring and terrifying this would have been, to see firsthand the sun dancing?! What would you do? This was a call from our Blessed Mother to pray the Rosary and sacrifice for others. One woman named Alice Israel shares her father’s story. Her dad was there and witnessed this miraculous event. She highlights what her father went through, and reminds you of the importance of the Fatima message alongside guest Barb Ernster.