CNN commentator says that when a woman is pregnant it is not a human being

  • Hour 1 of 5-8-19
  • Did you hear the CNN piece which featured Christine Quinn saying that there is not actual life in the womb? She said that when a woman is pregnant it is not human. This might make your blood boil, but you can read about it here. Chris Cuomo and Quinn then proceeded to attack Rick Santorum for calling out those who have allowed infanticide to prevail unnoticed in our culture. They claimed he was perpetuating the president’s lie about killing a baby outside the womb, which side note, is not actually a lie. The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, did promote infanticide and we as a pro-life culture need to be outspoken and not allow the culture of death to continue. How did we get to this place, though? What can we do as pro-lifers to turn our culture around? Dr. Anne Hendershott joins Drew to talk about this.
  • Fr. Rocky joins Drew to share about the special pledge drive premium. It is a wooden icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem, and was purchased in Bethlehem. Fr. Rocky explains that he bought it from a Catholic family who run a shop in that area. He said that there are hardly any Catholics left in this Palestinian rejoin, so this icon is a very special reminder for all of us of Mary’s motherly love for us. If you look at the icon, it even appears as if she is smiling!