Dealing with anger/suicide

  • Hour 3 of 5-1-19
  • What causes you to be angry? What do you do to handle it and who do you turn to? Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons has written about anger in the past, and he makes the case that a lack of empathy could increase levels of anger. Drew and Dr. Fitzgibbons take your calls and experiences. One woman asks for advice because her son acts up and it causes her to be angry. Another man from California had high levels of anger as a kid and looks for advice.
  • They also discuss suicide, and how the show 13 Reasons Why is contributing to increasing amounts of suicide among young people. What should you do if you suspect someone might take their life? Dr. Fitzgibbons gives practical questions you can ask people who might be at risk. They want to give you hope if you are experiencing anger, thoughts of suicide, loneliness in your marriage, or other mental health problems.