Go Ask Your Father May 13th – Thank You

After a truly successful pledge drive, Msgr. thanks all of you for your generosity and support of Relevant Radio.


Caller Question – Can Msgr. explain 1st John 3:6-10?

Caller Question – Are Spiritual Works of Mercy the same as good works?

Caller Question – What is proper etiquette during Mass?

Caller Question – Does Pro-Life include gun control?

Caller Question – She heard that the anti-Christ will come from Turkey, is this true?

Caller Question – What is the difference between venial and mortal sin?

Caller Question – His son wants to move in with his girlfriend. Can Msgr. help?

Caller Question – Does the book of Revelation reference the trinity?

Catechetical Corner – Science and Faith

Caller Question – How do you know if you’re being disciplined by God?

Caller Question – Her niece is living with her boyfriend, and is pregnant, how does she go about handling the the baby shower?